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When you receive a "Lousy Massage"

Have you ever received a massage sessions that left you feeling worse than you did "before" your session started? This can be extremely annoying and it leaves you feeling agitated; upset that you wasted your money, and quite frankly, you just wish you hadn't bothered.

I can totally relate. As a Massage Therapist, I schedule sessions for myself, and It's sad to see that many clients are not getting neither the customer service, nor the treatment needed; however, there are a few businesses that excel; however, that's the point - there are only a few.


If the pressure being used is too light, or too heavy, kindly ask the therapist if he / she can adjust the pressure. If you've made the request, and the pressure still isn't correct, there's no need to suffer in silence. Thank the therapist for his/her efforts and ask if there is another Therapist on the team who may be more suited.

Waiting the entire 60 minutes, or longer through a "lackluster"massage will leave you quite annoyed.

Don't be afraid to request a quiet conversation with the Manager, who will address the situation, and most likely compensate with someone more suitable for you.

At Reformation Health Massage - We discuss our clients needs prior to the session, we check in with the client making sure all is well, and we always aim for 100% Perfection 100% of the time. That's how important we view Massage.

Consistency is Key!

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