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There's more to Massage than Hot Oil

Updated: Apr 11

Effects of Massage

Massage encourages the nutrition and development of the muscular system by stimulating circulation, nerve supply, and cell activity. How you Benefit from Regular Massages Once your body is accustomed to receiving regular massages you will notice that your muscles become firmer and more flexible. Massage is an effective way to relax tense muscles and release muscle spasms. The muscles blood supply is proportionate to the muscles activity. It is estimated that blood passes three times more rapidly through muscles being massaged, than muscles at rest. Muscles that are fatigued by work or exercise are restored more rapidly due to consistent Massage treatments: Muscular Benefits of Massage

  1. Muscle Tone improves.

  2. Muscular Atrophy (gradual decline in effectiveness from inactivity) is prevented / delayed .

  3. Encourages the retention of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Sulfur, necessary for Tissue Repair, especially for people recovering from bone fractures.Lessens pain for people with Arthritis, Neuritis, and benefits during: Labor and Delivery, Whiplash, Muscular Lesions, Sciatica, Headaches, Muscle Spasms, and many other conditions.

Effects of Massage on the Nervous System

  1. Many people experience a sedative, stimulating, or even exhausting effect on the nervous system, depending on the type and length of massage given.

  2. The effects of massage depends on the direct and reflex reaction of the nerves stimulated.

When scheduling your next Massage, it is very important that you discuss, with your Massage Therapist, the specific issues you are having. An experienced, and knowledgeable Therapist will plan your session based on the information you have given. Once your muscles are in good condition, you can continue to enjoy the benefits with Relaxation Massages - You've earned it!

How many Massage Sessions do you schedule for the year?

  • 0-1

  • 2-5

  • 6-8

  • 10-12


Portions of this article were supplied by Lay Institute for Global Health Training.

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