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After Lipo Surgery

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Everything looks great in the "Before and After" pictures. Let's face it, if the results aren't perfect - the photo won't be advertised. Why? because Perfection sells and Imperfection does not.

After your Lipo surgery - Don't be WILL NOT look like the above photo for a long while. Many people will be badly bruised and extremely sore & swollen. For some, it will take months before they see the results they desire.

You will be encouraged to wear tight compression garments, to help reduce swelling, this too, becomes very painful & difficult. You will also notice that as soon as you remove your garment, your body begins to swell and the tightness may become unbearable. You will find that nothing brings adequate relief quicker than a professional therapeutic Lymphatic Massage - which will decrease the tightness you feel, and also decrease the amount of lymph fluid that is making you feel bloated.

Lymphatic Massage is designed to locate the areas where the Lymphatic Fluid has pooled, move that fluid towards the lymph node areas, and out of the body. An "experienced" Massage Therapist, familiar with this type of massage will have you feeling much better by the time you leave the office.

To improve your chances of rapid healing with the best results:

  1. Drink water (without lemon or any additional additives) every day

  2. Stay away from: processed foods, snacks, & Sodium. All of these aid in retaining water, and you'll quickly gain additional weight .

  3. Eat a healthy, clean diet, and you will notice that you'll not only look good, but you'll feel better too.

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