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Finding the "Right Gear" for your Massage

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

It is the duty of the Massage Therapist to "find the right gear" for every client that comes into the office.

When driving your car, in the correct gear, you will go uphill, or descend downhill, smoothly. If you are in the wrong're heading for disaster. Likewise with Massage.

Some people enjoy light pressure (Swedish Massage)

Some prefer firm, focused pressure (Deep Tissue)

If the Therapist provides the opposite massage, to what the client is expecting, the entire session will go downhill very quickly.....and all because the Therapist was"in the wrong gear".

Clients Responsibility - what to do:

  1. Politely ask you therapist for a "moment", and discuss with him / her your "pressure- preference". It only takes a moment, but this will ensure you still have time to enjoy your session.

  2. If for some reason, the therapist is not capable of applying the pressure you need - let the therapist know (kindly) by suggesting being paired with a therapist who can apply the pressure needed.

Whatever you do.....please do not suffer in silence. You can always speak with the Front Desk personnel, who will often work with you to make amends.

Was your last Massage Session in the right gear?

If not, what are you planning to do about it?

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