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Chris C.

Connie was really great! As she worked on my tense areas, she got feedback on my pain level. She catered pressure to tolerance. She also explained how my driving habits and work posture affect specific muscles and talked about future care.


Deidre P.

Staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, and very welcoming.


Staci D.

She was very professional and nice. The facility was clean.


Laura R.

Amazing massage! I will definitely be going back!



Amazing! Connie is a great listener and an amazing healing massage therapist! I will be back!



Great massage! I was a solid knot when I saw Connie and by the time she finished, I was completely relaxed. She is knowledgeable and listens carefully about any problem areas you have that you want her to be extra gentle on. Her normal prices are very reasonable and she is the kind of masseuse you would go back to time and again. Helpful hint: Her office is on the 2nd floor above the Bone Fish Grill in the Webb Gin Shops. Don't go by the suite numbers. The 2nd door you will see a reception desk. That is where you should enter. This a fantastic deal! You will miss out if you don't take advantage of it.


​Ena H.

Yes undoubtedly the best. I have been to cardiologists and none could explain to me why I get chest pains. Just imagine, she was able to explain to me the reason for it. I feel so much better and do enjoy my massages. Its worth it.


​Sabrina B.

Connie really cares about her customers and her massage practice! It always a better service when your therapists cares and loves her job!!

Naomi C.

I had serious pain in my knee which had been bothering me on and off. Let's just say Connie is AMAZING!!! I walked away feeling like I had brand new legs. Connie is extremely professional and pleasant. I have recommend her to friends, who also praise her massage skills. I will definitely be scheduling another appointment.


Bunny M.

One of the best massages I have ever had and very professional


Vilma G.

I had the opportunity to get a foot massage from Connie. It was a fantastic experience, she applied pressure on points that relieved stress, was knowledgeable, patient, and explained the process step-by-step. I will definitely use her again and refer my friends to her.