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"Should I save money, and get a Deep Tissue Massage Gun?"

Updated: Jan 20

Today there are so many different types of Massage Guns on the market. Many catch your eye with sleek, designs, an array of accessories, and claims on how they can get you back into shape.

They do have their place, and can help individuals with extremely resistant muscles:

The problem is - How do I know if I have resistant muscles?

Well, unless you've been thoroughly trained in this area, you definitely won't know the answer; actually, you may not even know the name of the muscle that's causing you pain.

As a Therapeutic Massage Therapist - when someone mentions pain in a specific area, I immediately reflect upon the muscle involved, review the muscle by sight & palpitation (examination) visualizing where the actual muscle begins and where it ends. Doing this allows me to prepare the treatment plan to work this entire muscle and not just focus on the area where the client is feeling pain.

Clients "unknowingly" can do themselves more harm than good. It's very easy to utilize excessive pressure, for too long and cause additional damage to the muscle fibers / tendons.

As a Therapist, there are definitely times when I find I need to utilize the functions of a Massage Gun; however, everything is done with caution, and because of my knowledge in this area, there are times when I won't even consider this method.

There are always pros & cons; regardless of the Amazing 5-Star Reviews you see listed

I've worked on many people who got a little carried away with their newly purchased gift,

I've also seen the damage that can occur.

My advice is to search out an excellent Therapeutic Massage Therapist who is well versed in anatomy - this way you'll be relaxed while the Therapist does all the work, and you won't have to worry about any additional muscular damage.

Your muscles have a language of their own. which your Massage therapist understands, and can translate.

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